It is common to see French drains in homes in the Gatineau – Ottawa, especially to prevent flooding in the basement. In older buildings (1950s) there is often a terracotta drain with holes for draining water. If you believe that owning a French drain from this era, to this day, it can be clogged and rotten.

Today, the French drain consists of a PVC pipe covered with a fabric membrane used to retain dirt. This type of drain is explained by a ditch filled with gravel or pebbles that redirects the water that flows to the surface and evacuates it outside the area around it. In some homes, gravel and pebbles are replaced by a perforated pipe.

The advantage of holding a French drain is that it prevents water from coming in contact with the foundations and thus it avoids major damage. These drains are also used with retaining walls, which reduces the pressure of surface water.

Do you plan to install or repair a French drain?

Our team offers installation and repair of French drains for commercial and residential buildings in Gatineau, Hull, Aylmer, Chelsea, Wakefield and Val-des-Monts.