Why waterproof a foundation?

The water repellent membrane is an important architectural element. It is the structural base of a construction, which prevents water infiltration and ensures balance while greatly extending the life of your foundation’s concrete.

Whether your structure is new or old, a waterproof membrane will prevent damage that would be dangerous to your health as well as your building.

For a new construction or for repairs on your foundations, be aware that the installation of waterproof membrane for solage also allows the elimination of the porous effect of concrete, the obstruction of the French drain, additional thermal insulation and obviously will increase the lifespan of your building.

The causes:

  • The aging of the structure
  • Temperature: freezing and thawing
  • The crumbling
  • The cracks
  • Natural soil moisture

The results:

  • Water infiltration
  • Moisture accumulation
  • The molds

Make the right choice

Many homeowners believe that their foundation already has a “membrane”, but many are surprised to discover that it is a “cheap” product and does not protect their foundation in the long run.

Be aware that a serious contractor will opt for a range of products available only to specialized contractors.

Trust our team to check the status of your infrastructure. We will be able to perform a complete analysis, guide you in choosing the right system for your infrastructure and we will proceed with the waterproofing work.

We have equipment at the cutting edge of technology that gives us the opportunity to certify you a job that reflects the highest quality standards in the industry.